TEDxTilburgUniversity is an initiative from different students who study at Tilburg University. This diverse team of students study at the faculties of Economics, Management and Law. Let us introduce ourselves!

Chairman & Organizer - Mike Nelissen

Hey! I am Mike Nelissen and will be the chairman of the wonderful and third TEDxTilburgUniversity. I am 21 years old and am currently enrolled in the bachelor of Business Economics & IT. Four years ago I became familiar with TED and I find the concept of sharing ideas very interesting. As a volunteer last year at TEDxTilburgUniversity, I became inspired to organize it myself. I am very grateful that I have the honor to organize a TEDx event with the entire team of this year according to the theme ‘Initiate to Innovate’. Because by initiating the sharing of ideas, we can innovate the world.

Treasurer - Iris Schonenberg

My name is Iris Schonenberg, 20 years old. I am currently studying the Master Information Management at Tilburg University. After my board year in 2013-2014, I am up for a new challenge this year and am very excited that this challenge is TEDxTilburgUniversity. This year I will be the treasurer of TEDxTilburgUniversity and I will also help my fellow team members in any way I can to make this event the best we can. Together with the rest of the team I believe we can create a wonderful event and make sure students, alumni and others interested in joining us will have a lovely and learningful day in April!

Speaker Liaison - Maartje Abrahams

Hi there! My name is Maartje Abrahams and I am currently a Master Student Strategic Management. I joined the TEDxTilburgUniversity team because I like the innovating and creative concept of TED and I like to get in touch with such inspiring people. Besides that, I was looking for an extra challenge in addition to my study. Our theme of this year, ‘Initiate to Innovate’, will be very interesting because of the different fields which can be applied to this theme. Within the team my primary responsibility will be the contact with the speakers of TEDxTilburgUniversity. In addition, I will help Indy van Weijen with the marketing of this event. I am looking forward to organize the TEDxTilburgUniversity event of 2015 and I hope to see you there!

Secretary - Jantine Verboven

Hi! It’s nice to see you here on our website! I’m Jantine Verboven, currently 24 years old and currently studying the pre-master Law & Technology at Tilburg University. I’ll be this year’s secretary of our team for TEDxTilburgUniversity. Aside of dealing with incoming e-mails, I will be busy with our ‘shareyouridea.nl’ project. Are you a (former) student and do you have a great innovative idea, then go to shareyouridea.nl, submit your idea and maybe you’ll be picked to be one of our speakers at the event!

Community Manager - Sjoerd Marinussen

Hi everyone! My name is Sjoerd Marinussen and I am currently in the board of Asset | SBIT. After I joined the last TEDxTilburgUniversity, I decided that I wanted to organize such a great event myself! The different aspects which can be related to the theme of this year, makes it very interesting. My role in this event will be the community manager of the TEDxTilburgUniversity team and my responsibility is the contact with the University. Further I will pick up several tasks and support every member with their tasks.

Partner Liaison - Lars van Beek

Hi everyone! My name is Lars van Beek. I am 24 years old and live in the beautiful city of Tilburg. In January, I hope I will be able to graduate from the Master Information Management at Tilburg University. I decided to join the TEDxTilburgUniversity team because I like to give people with innovative and creative ideas the opportunity to share them with the rest of the world. My role as partner liaison is very diverse and challenging. Together with the rest of the organizing team, I will hope to see you all in April!

PR & Marketing - Indy van Weijen

Welcome back to TEDxTilburgUniversity! My name is Indy van Weijen and this will be my 2nd year in the TEDxTilburgUniversity team. Last year I joined the team halfway and I pretty much helped where I could. In my experience, organizing an event like TEDx is a great learning opportunity, so I decided to join again! This year I will be taking care of the PR and Marketing matters such as promotion, press-contact, posters, creating awareness for the streaming and so on. I’m looking forward to further improve the event and to bring you another amazing collection of bright ideas from a collection of bright new minds!


Coach - Sander Datema

In order to have people connected, Sander Datema coaches them to ask the right questions and to tell their stories. He coaches ‘Durftevragensessie’ (which literally translates to: ‘Daretoasksessions’) and helps speakers like ours with their presentations and performances. He’s also a production team member of  TEDxNijmegen and is a speakersadvisor for the doctors at the RadboudUMC (Nijmegen). And through ‘The Next Speaker’ he gives lectures on this topic. The previous editions, Sander has been the coach of this wonderful event to ensure that our speakers will give you an amazing Talk. This year he’ll be responsible for training the speakers again. Thanks Sander!



Short-Term Advisory - Academic Forum

Academic Forum is the place for exchanging and closely studying current topics that matter in science, society and people’s lives. Basic premise: the university is more than a place where academic knowledge and skills are developed. Academic training entails more than just a transfer of knowledge. Preparing young people for responsible positions in society is at least as important: giving them an eye for the public good and a sense of who they are and what they stand for. Has Klerx is the representative from the Academic Forum supporting the TEDxTilburgUniversity team.

Long-Term Advisory - Board of Advisory

TEDxTilburgUniversity is organized in close cooperation with an advisory board consisting of different people and organs within and outside of Tilburg University. We discuss important matters with the board such as speakers and the structure of the program.

This list will be complemented as soon as we have more people in the Board of Advisory.

For TEDxTilburgUniversity 2015, the Board consists of:


Alfons Maes – Professor and Head of Tilburg Center for Cognition and Communication


Annemarie Hinten – Head of the Academic Forum of Tilburg University


Jessica van den Bosch – Former Head of the Tilburg Center of Entrepreneurship


Klaas Brongers – Director of Solutions4U and President Ngi-NGN, the Dutch Computer Society


Marieke de Kort – Head of Student Desk Tilburg University and Initiator O+ Consultancy


Marieke Schoots – Program-Manager Social Innovation at Tilburg University and Midpoint Brabant


Robbert de Bruijn – Previous Chairman of TEDxTilburgUniversity


Ronald Leenes – Professor and Head of Tilburg Institute of Law, Technology and Society


Tony Bosma – Trendwatcher, Founder of Extend Limits and Former Speaker TEDxTilburgUniversity


Time till TEDxTilburgUniversity