We have had a wonderful day on April 2nd. This was the program for the day:


Lunch (11.30-12.10)


Doors Open (12.10 – 12.20)


First Session (12.20 – 13.55)

Jef Staes

Sofia Ranchordás

Max Louwerse

Hugo Jager




Second Session (14.15 – 15.30)

Marie Postma

Ben Spiering

Wina Smeenk

Yvonne Geurts & Shanna Bloemen




Third Session (16.00 – 17.15)

Peter de Goeij

Anne Miltenburg

Mark Kulsdom




TEDxTilburgUniversity has been presented in the auditorium of Tilburg University. Our auditorium has already been a podium for a lot of inspiring speakers, and is the perfect place for a prestigious event like TEDx. One of our key objectives is to offer a high quality livestream to other locations, this is perfectly possible on the infrastructure of Tilburg University.


Because of regulations TEDxTilburgUniversity aims to seat a maximum of 100 attendees. This of course will not keep us from making the event a great success. A good location will contribute to that success, so we believe an inspiring event such as TEDxTilburgUniversity needs an inspiring location. In the whole event atmosphere, the stage setting will be a key factor.


For a route description:

By Car:

By Train:


The Map of Tilburg University. TEDxTilburgUniversity will take place in the Auditorium in Building C: 



Time till TEDxTilburgUniversity